Feature photograph of Custom Home Theater Millwork and Installation

Custom Home Theater Millwork and Installation

Alexandria, VA

ODG led the design of the cabinetry and “smart” electronic project built into a single family residence. The challenge of this project was to determine the best location for the home theater in a living room with many openings and to develop a sliding door system within a confined space. Because it was decided to locate the home theater above the fireplace, the design had to compensate for heat from the hearth fire below. Additionally, the wood panel doors were not interfere with the room’s circulation pattern when open, as there were openings on either side of the fireplace.

ODG met these challenges by working with a Swiss hardware system. The depth of the cabinet doors when open did not exceed the 12” depth of the cabinetry. The opening for the plasma display was 4’ wide by 2’ 8” tall. ODG designed the cabinetry with the proper clearances around the hearth.

ODG integrated computer networking home entertainment, DVD, CD, VHS components, a 500 channel digital display box, Ethernet, infrared equipment, touch screen remote, Dolby surround sound, and video conferencing systems into this custom project. ODG employed the industry’s latest technical innovations and EMT metal tubing throughout the building for easy access to systems and wires, facilitating the installation of future upgrades. Work was completed in 2004 at a total cost of $30,000.