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Olshesky Design Group has been recognized for its work by national organizations, the American Institute of Architects, AIA, the Applied Technology Council, ATC, and federal agencies, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, the US Geological Survey, USGS, and the US Congress through a variety of presentations.

Architectural Resilience for Disasters”, Natural Science and Technology Council, Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction,  Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources, White House Conference Center, Washington, DC, December, 2010.

Architectural Resilience for Disasters”, 24th Meeting of the International Charter, ‘Space and Major Disasters’, International Charter, USGS led, Washington, DC, October, 2010.

Citizen Architect: Pathways to Civic Leadership”, Panel Discussion, AIA Women’s Leadership Conference, New York City, NY, September, 2010.

Defining Environmentally Responsible Design for the New Decade: Managing Client Expectations and the Architect’s Legal and Ethical Obligations”, AIA Miami Convention, June 2010

High Density Low Rise Housing: Squatter Commnuities/Emergency Shelter”, AIA Miami Convention, June 2010

National Building Museum Advisory Council for 2011 Exhibition on Disaster Resilience”, Congressional Briefing, Washington DC, May 2010.

Briefing After the Earthquake: the Role of Buildings and Infrastructure in Mitigating Disaster”, High- Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition, US House of Representatives, February, 2010.

ATC 77 Hurricane Hugo 20th Anniversary Symposium on Building Safer Communities – Improving Disaster Resilience, Charleston, SC, 2009.

Rising Above the Weather, NOAA, Washington, DC, 2009.

Disaster Resilience Through Planning and Building Performance, National AIA 2008 Symposium, Washington, DC, 2008.

AIA Post Disaster Building Performance Assessment, Sri Lanka, 2005.

Sustainable Design, CBSP Symposium, 2004.

Greening Architecture, 2002.

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