Feature photograph of NRL HOT Cell Laboratory &  Chilled Water Building

NRL HOT Cell Laboratory & Chilled Water Building

Washington, DC

These two projects at the Naval Research Laboratory included the design for the renovation and conversion of a 18,000 gsf hot cell laboratory into office space and the design and construction of a chilled water building.

The challenge of the hot cell laboratory project was to design office spaces in a mixed-use facility with a jib crane that could be activated at any minute. The offices were arranged around the plasma, or hot cell area, leaving an unobstructed path for the large jib crane to operate when needed.

For the new chilled water plant, the design team produced construction documents for a 840 gsf, single level building with a mezzanine. The building is composed of concrete masonry unit bearing walls with steel beams supporting an EPDM protected roof deck.

The work followed military guidelines and included mixed-use code analysis and programming through construction documents. Ms. Olshesky was a member of the design team. This project was completed in 1995 at a total cost of approximately $1,100,000.

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