Feature photograph of FEMA Mitigation Assessment Report Hurricane Ike
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FEMA Mitigation Assessment Report Hurricane Ike

SE Texas & SW Louisiana

Ms. Olshesky participated as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Mitigation Assessment Team, which assessed the damage inflicted to commercial facilities, critical facilities, and residences from Hurricane Ike in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. The team made many recommendations for future building. Ms. Olshesky participated in the development of recommendations to enhance building envelopes and eliminate envelope penetrations.

ODG prepared the Chapter on Planning for a Sustainable Coast for reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Ike. The chapter emphasized new sustainable master plans based on human knowledge of geologic hazards and natural ecosystems. Reversing shoreline erosion and preserving dune barriers and wetlands was an important focus of the report, as these areas are essential to protecting coastal construction. Recommendations included community driven initiatives to protect natural and economic assets and assistance from state and federal organizations to implement strategies.

Bolivar Peninsula, a southeast Texas community, has adopted many of the FEMA MAT IKE recommendations. The Assessment was completed in 2008 and the MAT IKE Report was published by FEMA in 2009