Feature photograph of Cleveland Clinic & Laboratory*

Cleveland Clinic & Laboratory*

Cleveland, OH

ODG prepared the design development documents for a nine story laboratory and research building and a four story educational facility. The two buildings are connected to the larger campus by a skywalk.

The Educational facility includes a 7,500 gsf atrium at the ground level, a 2,300 gsf lounge at the skywalk level, conference rooms, an auditorium, medical education offices, medical illustration rooms, and administration offices.

The Laboratory/Research facility includes a 34,000 gsf animal facility and 265,000 gsf of laboratory space across seven floors. The laboratories include a large interstitial space for a plenum housing utilities, mechanical, plumbing and air exhaust. The laboratory circulation includes a service corridor for the transportation of equipment and animals, a lab corridor for scientists and technicians, and a building corridor for visitors.

The design idea was to connect the geometric laboratory and research building with an organically shaped education facility. Ms. Olshesky was part of the design team on this project. This project was completed in 1988.

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